Magic in the Bay Islands

Magic in the Bay Islands is a powerful, new adventure novel written by Robert Hager and published in November of 2014.

Story Summary

The story begins with an American couple sailing the crystal clear seas of the Caribbean on a beautiful luxury, sailing yacht called Magic. They are avid and experienced divers set on exploring local reefs and testing some of their theories about local ship wrecks and sunken treasure. Soon they become embroiled with the real danger of the islands, modern-day pirates, and one of the richest treasures ever found. They are faced with life and death choices as the story builds to its climatic conclusion. It looks like they’ll need more than a little luck; they’ll have to work a little magic of their own.

Robert is a talented writer, who uses his personal knowledge of sailing, diving and life in the Caribbean to weave an epic, action-packed work of fiction rich with his own life experiences. He has the ability to transport us aboard the 65 ft. Magic to explore the beauty of the Caribbean, and experience nearly first-hand the daily life in these small island communities.

This book is an exciting, and suspenseful read that will prove hard to put down. A must read for anyone that loves adventure. This is a thrilling story that will leave you craving a Caribbean adventure of your own.